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We are Exclusive Distributors for many companies in the world manufacturing range of NDT equipments and
Our Range of supplies starts with conventional UFDs, Thickness gauges, Probes, Digitizers, Laser shearography
cameras and online systems for High speed detections etc.,
Our Key technical Sales and Support team will be glad to assist you and help you in identifying the best possible
equipments / technology from all over the world.
For Kalva you can get expert opinion of an internationally accredited Level III free of charge.
Driven by the Vision of “ONE STOP SHOP FOR NDT” and our long standing experience with a wide spanning network
in India has given us unique advantage of being able to serve in
providing any kind of equipment of NDTs like
  • Ultrasonic flaw detectors for Metals and Composite inspection
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauges
  • Coating thickness gauges
  • X-ray Equipments
  • Online Automation systems for
    • Immersion testing
    • Testing of Rods and bars
  • Automated Infra Red testing of bars and rods
  • Laser sheorography systems of aerospace composite inspection
  • Digital Radiography Systems and accessories
    • Computed Radiography
    • Digitizers
    • Calibration systems
  • Leak Detection Systems.

We can suggest equipment for clients ranging from conventional to state of art. We offer consumables &
accessoriesthat go along with the equipment or as stand alone.

We are in sales of:

  • Composites
  1. MODEL LTI 5100HD
  2. MODEL LTI 5200
  4. Defectobook® DIO1000  - Phased Array Version
  5. Defectobook® DIO1000  - Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • Online Immersion Testing Systems
  1. Automated Infrared Testing Sytem
  • X - Ray and Digital Radiography Systems
  1. DIGITIZER.....etc

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